Best People Search Engines

This is a comprehensive list of search engines that allow users to look for people in various different ways, including by first and last name, a person’s phone number, address, social security number, employment history and others.

Some of the web sites listed here only return results from standard public records databases while other aggregate them from multiple resources and display them in one central location. Use these sites to search for anyone online.

Top 10 People Search Engines

Search EngineAlexa Rank*Unique Visitors**
facebook.com2169 M
linkedin.com940 M
whitepages.com88717 M
ZoomInfo.com19822.2 M
spokeo.com22038.3 M
mylife.com39856.4 M
intelius.com40697.2 M
pipl.com7134364 K
peoplefinders.com72137.4 M
peekyou.com78891.1 M

*Alexa Traffic Rank (global). **Monthly Unique Visitor estimates from (U.S. only). Updated for 2014.

Summaries – Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin; Facebook is primarily a social networking website that also has a fantastic person search feature. Profiles are updated by the actual users, instead of getting its data by scanning public resources. So you can expect to get a lot of helpful information you won’t find elsewhere. – Founded late in 2002, the LinkedIn website was actually launched later, in mid 2003. It’s a social network for business professionals that allows anyone to quickly and easily create a free, professional online resume. With 90 million plus registered users worldwide, it makes a great alternative resource to use when trying to find someone online. You can search by name, company, school, location and refine your results in a number of advanced ways. – Founded in 1996 by Alex Algard, WhitePages went live on the Internet way back in 1997. Currently it offers the ability to find people by name, zip code, area code, mobile phone and address. You can also locate businesses by company name, telephone number, location, address and type. – Created in 2000 by Jonathan Stern, ZoomInfo scours trusted web resources and accepts user contributions to build it database of over 65 million businesspeople worldwide. Users can gather information on people’s business profiles through the use of their robust lead generation, prospecting and recruiting tools. – Founded in 2006, Spokeo is a search engine that aggregates significant quantities of social profiles, white-pages listings, and other personal data from a huge variety of publicly available information resources. It provides a simple-to-use interface for searching by name, email, phone and user. – Launched in early 2009 by Jeffrey Tinsley, MyLife is the product of a merger in late 2008 between and It offers a subscription service for members to see who’s searching for them, get regular updates, and find out which sites their contacts and friends are using. – Founded early in 2003, Intelius is a full-fledged business and consumer information service provider. They scan millions of public records to deliver results within seconds, for a number of advanced queries. It allows you to search for people by name, phone number, email address, physical addresses, social security number and username. You can also perform advanced background checks and use a number of other related services, but you’ll have to pay a premium to receive specific report information. – Started in 2006, Pipl crawls the deep-web to extract facts, contact details, and other relevant information from personal profiles, member directories, court records, scientific publications and many deep-web sources. It displays that content on one easy-to-read webpage. Its results provide a ton of free info, but to retrieve additional details you’ll have to pay a fee to them or a third-party resource to get it. – Founded in 2002 by Robert Miller, it is a fee-based subscription service that searches billions of public records to help you to find individuals and businesses. You can view by names, reverse phone numbers, addresses, social profiles, criminal records, and SSN. It also offers background checks; which you can get by paying for a one-time report or through a monthly subscription. – Focuses on indexing the public web around humans and their website addresses. Over 250 million individuals and their URLs have been indexed. In addition to searching first and last name, it allows you to refine your query by region, age, sex and username.

Keep in mind this top ten list of people search engines is based on Alexa Traffic Rank only; not necessarily which ones are best from a user’s perspective. If you’d like us to review another search engine missing from our one of lists don’t hesitate to send us the web site information via our contact form.

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