Best Meta-Search Engines

This is a comprehensive list of search engines that query numerous other websites to satisfy an end-user’s request.

They scan the top Internet search engines using keywords inputted by their users, then aggregate popular results into a single web list, usually displaying them according to their source. These are great tools for getting suggestions from many helpful resources at the same time.

Top 10 Meta-Search Engines

Search EngineAlexa Rank*Unique Visitors**
infospace.com15487.6 M
webcrawler.com276718.9 M
dogpile.com29092.1 M
excite.com4592623 K
info.com49686.6 M
search.com5955650 K
ixquick.com7667231 K
metacrawler.com13557707 K
mamma.com4814847 K
yippy.com5878937 K

*Alexa Traffic Rank (global). **Monthly Unique Visitor estimates from (U.S. only). Updated for 2013; 2014 updates coming soon.

Summaries – Founded in early 1996 by Naveen Jain, Infospace currently operates one of the Internet’s most popular Metasearch engines. You can perform queries using a specific keyword to get results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask. You can also find images, people, businesses and videos using its available search verticals. – Another popular portal that collects the most relevant searches from other top websites, delivering them conveniently onto a single page. It was developed in 1994 by Brian Pinkerton at the University of Washington. Originally it had it’s own spider and index, but changed in 2008. It is also currently owned by Infospace, Inc. – A top aggregator of the most relevant searches from Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. It delivers them conveniently on a single webpage. Dogpile is owned by InfoSpace, which is currently one of the most popular sites in its niche. – A web portal that’s owned by Mindspark, Excite was one of most popular Internet destinations of the 1990s. Today, its SERPs are an aggregated display of listing from the 3 top general search engines. – This sites provides you with results from up to 10 other top resources, including pay-per-click and free directories, such as LookSmart, and the Open Directory Project (ODP). – This resource has been around since 1996, and provides you with results from Bing, Blekko, Google and DMOZ. It is currently owned by CBS Interactive, which bought out previous owner, CNET, in 2008. – A site that has been around since 1998, and is best known as the world’s most private search engine. A query there makes it easy to get listings from a ton of other sites maintaining their own indexes. – Similar to the others above, this site combines the most relevant searches from four main search engines and delivers them conveniently onto a single page. It was originally developed in 1994 at the University of Washington by a graduate and associate professor. It is also currently owned by Infospace, Inc. – Originally launched in 1996, Mamma was one of the first ever meta-search engines. It currently queries the top major websites to deliver its results. However, it doesn’t clearly disclose which ones it uses. – Formerly known as Clusty, Yippy queries multiple other datasources and combines the results to be displayed as a group or cloud, on one screen. You do not need to be concerned about submitting your site to Yippy; if it’s included in the other major search engines it will get picked up automatically.

Keep in mind this top ten list of meta search engines is based on Alexa Traffic Rank only; not necessarily which ones are best from a user’s perspective. If you’d like us to review another search engine missing from our one of lists don’t hesitate to send us the web site information via our contact form.

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