Best Kid Search Engines

This is a comprehensive list of search engines that are family-friendly and safer for kids to use. Most of these are informational web sites geared towards children, covering a variety of topics to help them research and learn.

Some of them only show resources from their own database, while others aggregate content from multiple other places into a central location. Students can use these websites to research for their homework for a number of popular subjects online.

Top 10 Kid Search Engines

Search EngineAlexa Rank*Unique Visitors**
infoplease.com76952 M
enchantedlearning.com119521.3 M
factmonster.com14131820 K
Kidrex.org161828123 K
yippy.com19360720 K
surfnetkids.com20982149 K
kidskonnect.com25786364 k
KidzSearch.com28495947 K

*Alexa Traffic Rank (global). **Monthly Unique Visitor estimates from (U.S. only). Updated for 2015.

Summaries – Launched in 1998, Infoplease is a free, authoritative, and respected reference for Internet users, especially student and kids. It provides a comprehensive encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, dictionary, and thesaurus. You’ll find facts on all sorts of subjects, including education, sports, technology, entertainment, world news, the United States government and history. It’s extremely popular among teachers, parents, and students. – Launched online in 1995, EnchantedLearning provides K-12 educational material and curriculum online. With over 25,000 pages, it is a children’s informational resource with content and games designed to stimulate creativity, learning, enjoyment, and imagination. – Founded in 2000, Factmonster is an online information and game site geared towards children. Major categories range from world info, to math, money, science, sports, USA and people. Kids can search for info using the website’s almanac, encyclopedia, thesaurus and dictionary. – Formerly known as Clusty, Yippy is a meta-search engine geared towards families. It queries multiple resources and combines the results to be displayed as a group or cloud, on one screen. In addition to search it offers free web-based email, document storage, calendars, contact manager, video conferencing, chat, cartoons, TV, movies, news, video games, radio, widgets and lots more!

SurfNetKids – Started in 1996, Surf Net is an educational website containing recommendations for youth and their parents by nationally syndicated newspaper columnist Barbara J. Feldman. It offers recommendations, free games, a newsletter subscription, and a printable club with an annual or monthly membership fee. – Started in 1997, this is a guide to family-friendly and child-safe websites on the Internet. It includes links to various types of properties for boys and girls, teenagers, parents and teachers. They’re all reviewed and chosen individually by an editorial staff member. – Beginning in 1999, StopDog was designed to be a kid-safe, family-friendly, search engine with filtered search results from Google Wikipedia and its own database of web pages. – Online since 1999, this resource offers homework and educational help through a safe gateway for youth, that’s created and maintained by educators. They review links to a variety of qualified places on various different curriculum and areas of interests.

Keep in mind this top ten list of kid search engines is based on Alexa Traffic Rank only; not necessarily which ones are best from a user’s perspective. If you’d like us to review another search engine missing from our one of lists don’t hesitate to send us the web site information via our contact form.

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